Beside vs Besides


Beside là giới từ có nghĩa là bên cạnh.

Besides là giới từ có nghĩa là ngoại trừ hoặc ngoài ra. Besides còn là một trạng từ nối tiếp, có nghĩa là cũng.


- Mr. Moody took several dollar bills out of his pocket and placed the money beside his plate.

- Nobody besides me knows the password.

- I wasn't in the mood to play tennis, and besides, I was already late for work.


(a)Thoreau lived _____ a pond. (beside/besides)

(b) Few people _____ his aunt ever visited him. (beside/besides)

(c) The author's wife was a good editor, _____ being a great writer herself. (beside/besides)

(d) "I'm much too old for you," he said, "and _____, I'm married." (beside/besides)


(a) beside

(b) besides

(c) besides

(d) besides