Clothes & Clothe & Cloths


Danh từ clothes có nghĩa là quần áo.

Động từ clothe có nghĩa mặc quần áo, cung cấp quần áo.

Cloths là số nhiều của cloth (vải).


Put your filthy clothes in the hamper, and then wipe your face with a damp cloth.

There's milk on the floor over there - could you get a cloth and mop it up?

The trees were clothed in silver frost


(a) John cares a lot about his appearance; he always goes shopping for new _____ .

(b) Lay the _____ flat across the table!

(c) Gus left his new work ______ hanging on the line during the snowstorm.

(d) The coarseness of the _____ irritated her skin.

(e) It costs a lot to feed and _____ five children.


(a) clothes

(b) cloths

(c) clothes

(d) cloths

(e) clothe